Do you want to know a little more about Verbosity? Sure, we all do! Anyway, here's the genuine Verbosity Frequently Asked Questions. To add to the fun, we've also added the Frequently Given Answers. If you'd like to pose a question to Verbosity, feel free to mail us.

Q: What is Verbosity?

     A: Verbosity is a web-based entertainment magazine, written and edited by college students (which should account for any issues being late). The magazine covers, in a nutshell, stuff. You'd think with such a broad focus, that it would be easy coming up with article ideas, wouldn't you?
Q: Speaking of late, how often does Verbosity come out?
     A: A new issue of Verbosity appears at the first of each month, barring unusual circumstances (i.e. natural disasters, school breaks, bad hair days, alien abduction, or lack of inspiration).
Q: So, who are these people that do Verbosity?
     A: For the most part, we're a bunch of college students attending King College in Bristol, Tennessee (with the notable exception of Jane). Here's a quick run down of the staff:
  • kyle scanlan -- co-editor
  • jess morrissette -- co-editor
  • seth waddell -- co-editor

  • andy couch -- staff
  • brandon barker -- staff
  • Scott B -- staff
  • jane -- staff
  • "evil" doug smith -- contributing writer
  • Q: Can I submit work to Verbosity?
         A: Of course you can! We're always looking for interesting article ideas and the like. Check out our Submissions Dept. for more details.
    Q: Wow, this looks like an ideal place for me to peddle my service/product. Would it be possible for me to advertise in Verbosity?
         A: Yes, Verbosity does take ads. If you're interested in placing an ad in the pages of this magazine, check out our advertising policies. Trust us -- our prices are unbeatable!
    Q: Surely you guys must have won some awards for Verbosity, right?
         A: Verbosity has been fortunate enough be honored with a few awards. Here's a short list:
    Awards and stuff:

    Best of Campus, August 1996
    URLs that hURL
    Tongue's Quality Stuff Award.
    That's Useful, This is Cool Cool Site of the Day, 1/3/96
    Grog Award, 1/6/97
    Cool Site of the Night, 1/7/97
    Windows Magazine Hotspot, 1/28/97

    Q: Who is Bleepo?
         A: An excellent question! Bleepo, the Verbose Monkey, is the entire reason Verbosity exists. Through this magazine, the entire staff plans to eventually become terribly rich. Then, we're going to buy ourselves a monkey and name it Bleepo. If you want to know where this all started, check out Issue 2's Yackity-Smackity to see Bleepo's origin.
    Q: Did Sierra really say that quote that used to be on the front page about Verbosity?
         A: Of course they did! If we were making up a quote about ourselves, we would never use the phrase "faceless sameness." Besides, Jess has an "in" with Sierra...
    Q: Speaking of having an "in," how do you manage to get interviews with all those celebrities?
         A: We're running a scam on the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Actually, it's a sad combination of begging and trickery. Okay, to tell the truth, the celebrities and other important people we interview are simply kindly enough to give a small magazine a chance from time to time. For the most part, all of the people we've interviewed have been wonderfully helpful. Sometimes, it just takes the guts to ask.
    Q: What are Verbosity Style PointsTM and what are they good for?
         A: Verbosity Style PointsTM are awarded occasionally to people who make particularly astute observations about the magazine. For example, if one of us were to say that James K. Polk was the thirteenth President of the United States of America in one of our articles, and a reader reminded us he was actually the eleventh, it would call for the distribution of Verbosity Style PointsTM. As far as what they're good for, we're still trying to figure that out ourselves...
    Q: What's the correct capitalization of the title of this magazine?
         A: We have no clue.

    Q: Didn't I see a contest around here somewhere?

         A: Yes, you did! Verbosity's contest to give away the coveted "Box O' Stuff" met its deadline of February 15, 1997. Our winner was Natalie Sypolt of West Virginia. Congratulations, Natalie!

         If there are still questions about our magazine that you'd like to see clarified, send them along and we'll do our best to give you a clear and concise answer. Or, we'll just delete it if we're in a bad mood. Try your luck!

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