Bruce Campbell, best known for his leading role as Ash in the Evil Dead movies and Army of Darkness, has been making an impact in the entertainment industry for a number of years now. This square-jawed actor is currently putting in recurring roles on television's Ellen, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and its sister show, Xena: Warrior Princess. He also has a number of movie roles waiting in the wings, appearing in everything from McHale's Navy to an upcoming remake of The Love Bug. Bruce recently submitted to Verbosity's usual round of questions, and this is what he had to say...

Verbosity: You've done a number of projects throughout your career. Of what work would you say you're proudest?

Bruce Campbell: I like to think I was bearable in the two-parter I did for Homicide and the pilot episode for Brisco.
V: Speaking of which, do you feel as if The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., wasn't given a "fair shake" with Fox? The critics were behind it, but the network just wouldn't renew.
BC: Well with Brisco, I don't think any other network but Fox would have attempted to do it, but I don't believe it ultimately belonged on Fox. Their general programming attitude is different than Brisco's. It's more urban and the Brisco fan base was rural.
V: You've had a supporting role on the sitcom Ellen as of late. What do you think of the whole fiasco surrounding her character's sexuality on the show?
BC: Ellen is a very talented and professional woman. Nothing beyond that should matter.
Army o'Darkness V: Are you familiar with the game Duke Nukem 3-D? If so, are you aware of the similarities between its lead character and Ash in the way of mentality and catch phrases? Are you flattered by this sort of "borrowing" of your work?
BC: What can I say? Maybe they're just cheese-balls who can't conceive of an original idea and feel compelled to rip off Ash. Imitation is indeed a form of flattery, but paying a guy is an even better form.
V: Speaking of Ash, can loyal fans ever expect a return of the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness series in any shape, form, or fashion? Maybe an Evil Dead 2: Special Edition, la Lucas...
BC: I think not. We were almost as successful as Star Wars, but not quite...
V: What are your goals in the entertainment industry? Five years from now, would you like to be acting, directing, producing, or doing something totally different? Why?
BC: My goals are simple: continuous work and big fat parts. I hope to get a little more into writing, because control over the material is every entertainer's goal.
V: Do you ever regret not finishing college?
BC: Ha! Hasun't hert mi spellin' anee...
V: How "into" the Internet are you? Would you consider yourself a real web-head, or just a casual e-mailer?
BC: I think the Internet is the single greatest revolution to come around in a long time. I've done countless hours of research, shopping, and just general browsing around. It's so convenient, it's frightening. I can definitely see why some people don't leave their house anymore.
Hey... V: If you hadn't gotten into the acting biz, what do you think you'd be doing today?
BC: I'd probably be an outdoorsman, or an oligarchist.
V: What is your daily routine like? Is life in the Bruce Campbell household a hectic Hollywood rush, or your typical suburban existence?
BC: It's a little bit of both actually. I do a good deal of work out of my home, and sometimes it gets hectic. But, then again, I'm not in the city. I don't know, hence the term "Home/Office..."
V: What's your favorite anecdote from your entertainment career?
BC: In high school I had a chance to show my super-8 films to a well known TV celebrity, who pulled out a fat joint, lit up, and laughed his ass off!
V: If you could let your fans know one thing about you that they'd never expect to find out, what would it be?
BC: I put my shoes on first, then my socks. And, that's on a good day.

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