Conspiracy On-Line

    In a world of suspicion, no medium is safe. It seems that the forum for worldwide dissemation of nonsense known as the Internet has provided conspiracy buffs with a chance to spread all of their theories and musings to what could be the largest audience in the world today. What's the deal with that alien autopsy that Fox showed incessantly last year? Who killed JFK? What is the government hiding and -- worse still -- what is it plotting to do to us next? These are the types of questions that one can see a variety of explanations to around the Web. Here are some of the more popular conspiracy havens that you might want to investigate. Be careful, though -- they could be watching you.

The Sixty Greatest Conspiracies of All Time

    This website is the one of the foremost conspiracy sources on the Web. Based on the book of the same name, the site features mysteries ranging from the Kennedy assassination to the UFO question. Interesting theories are presented on the topics, though much of it is the standard conspiracy fare. However, the sheer wealth of information more than compensates for this.

Black-Ops: Conspiracy Theory Encyclopedia

    At Black-Ops, you'll find a carefully arranged encyclopedia of various conspiracy. Go to the letter "G" for example, and you'll find information about everything from anti-gay conspiracies to the government's cover-up of Gulf War Syndrome. A great deal of conspiracy theories are found here that are often ignored on many of the mainstream, X-Files inspired conspiracy pages. All in all, a rather nice site.

The Secret History of the United States, 1962-1995

    This is where you want to head if you're looking to uncover the U.S. Government's cover-up jobs in the latter half of the twentieth century. It's all supposedly here -- always with those "unnamed government officials" and "anonymous witnesses" that serve to so neatly cast doubt on any real conspiracy.

The JFK Assassination Internet Resources Guide

    "We now have proof beyond reasonable doubt that President Kennedy was attacked by multiple assassins. We need no last minute witnesses, or ambiguous reflections on the grassy knoll to establish this fact." Wow -- I'm glad someone has all the facts. I guess when the next edition of my U.S. History book is printed, all this stuff should be in there. They even have an animated GIF to prove it! In all seriousness, this site does present a good amount of supposed "proof" to support its assertions and should serve as an interesting read for JFK theorists.

The HAARP Information Page

    What is HAARP? Why, it's the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, of course! Basically, this site would have us believe that it's an Air Force/Navy project that essentially adds up to being a death ray, reminiscient of Val Kilmer's contraption in Real Genius. Is it really the weapon of a malevolent government? Who knows? Maybe it would help to see what the Navy has to say about it.

UFOMIND: Guide to Knowledge

Ooo-wee-ooo...     If you're looking for information about the mysterious Area 51, this is the place to be. The 2100 documents located at this site more than make up for the extreme lack of evidence to back up the UFO phenomenon. All in all, however, this site is well done. The arguments are well-presented and site design neat. However, one must wonder what a Mormon conspiracy has to do with the "ufomind."

New Dawn Magazine

    This webzine covers all the basics of alternative news, conspiracies, cover-ups, UFOs, mind control, secret societies, prophecy, Big Brother, and the "New World Order." Is that like those professional wrestling guys? Seriously, this magazine is well worth the read if you're interested on what the bad guys are up to. Besides, we're alway partial to a good 'zine.

The Murder of Kurt Cobain

    What's better for the conspiracy buff than trying to disprove an entirely feasible news story that seemingly has no holes? Trying to disprove an entirely feasbile news story about a dead, famous person that seemingly has no holes. As the perceptive might have already guessed, this site describes the supposed cover-up of the murder of Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain. Interesting stuff. And, notice the image to the right. He's turned backwards. The next thing you know he'll be walking out of step on Abbey Road.

Paul is Dead

    Speaking of rock stars, what happens when the "cute Beatle" misses a press conference or two? Wackiness and conspiracy ensue, of course! Through Norwegian folklore and backwards, sped-up, garbled messages hidden in their music, John, George, and Ringo tried to let the world know that their former partner had gone the way of the dodo. This site has all the clues you need to solve this vile conspiracy.

Make Your Own Conspiracy

    Now, this is more like it! This sarcastic little website makes it easy for anyone to construct a conspiracy theory of his or her very own. For example, we came up with a vile conspiracy started by evil Marsha Clark groupies that eventually led to the infamous Police Academy sequels. Five bucks says that if we posted it on Usenet today, by next week there would be six homepages about it and two debunking it.

    There you have it, for all you junior Mulders and Scullys on the Web. Check out these sites to find out what's really going on in the world. The truth is out there. Way out there in some cases, it would seem.

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