Do You Want to Believe?

     With all of these conspiracy theories and such flying about, Verbosity thought it best to attempt to define the different types of believers. There are basically four different types: nonbeliever, skeptical believer, moderate believer and paranoid believer. The characteristics of each of these types is outlined below.


     The Nonbeliever is the kind of person who sees the world in black and white. He doesn't think that there are any conspiracies at all (except maybe by the Republicans who want to revive the inquisition) and hopes that none of these "conspiracy nuts" firebombs his house. This person also thinks that the government is completely up front about everything and trusts them implicitly. Usually considered naive or simplistic by those who "know the truth," he thinks the FBI should just go and kick some militia ass. Scoffs at home pages or books devoted to any such activities and considers the believers to be either stupid or crazy.

skeptical believer

     The skeptical believer is someone who thinks that some conspiracies exist, but not necessarily as such. For example, they might believe in Area 51, but the see the government's nondisclosure policy as a matter of "national security" rather than a cover-up. The Skeptic is interested in some conspiracy theories, and enjoys reading home pages and books devoted to it for enjoyment or amusement. This person thinks that anyone who believes in conspiracies more than him is a paranoid wacko, while nonbelievers are dense and gullible. The Skeptical believer is a fairly balanced personality and keeps either side from going off the deep end. Watches X-Files anywhere from occasionally to a regular basis. Most people fall into this category.

moderate believer

     The moderate believer is someone who thinks that conspiracies exist, but he is not necessarily affected by them. He thinks that the government is involved in conspiracies, but nothing so extreme as planning to take over our minds / bodies. The moderate believer considers himself to be experienced in the ways of the world and has often seen military service. This person watches the X-Files religiously and sometimes has a bomb shelter in their backyard. The moderate believer is also the largest proponent of conspiracy theories on the web. This is the person with 17 pages devoted to JFK, aliens making deals with Eisenhower, and Bill Gates having 'the mark of the beast.'


     The paranoid believer is a very small, very extreme part of society. He sees conspiracies in everything and believes that everyone is out to get him. He considers the X-Files to be fluff, most likely put out by the government to keep us distracted from the real conspiracies. He prefers to clean his guns instead of watch it. He thinks people with home pages devoted to conspiracies are fools to reveal how much they know, and they will probably be terminated by the group he has tried to expose. The government (Big Brother) will take care of them, though. This is often the scary wacko guy who ends up gunning down 15 people in a McDonalds.

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