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Jess Morrissette <jess@wiw.org> wrote: > Mr. Adams, > > I was wondering if I could ask you a favor, Mr. Adams. > I (along with a couple of associates/cronies) edit a > webzine known as verbosity. We were wondering if you would > consent to being interviewed by us in the near future.


  My schedule just doesn't allow the non-essentials anymore. Sorry! Thanks for asking, though.

Scott Adams
creator, Dilbert


Jess Morrissette <jess@wiw.org> wrote: > Mr. West, > > Hello, there! My name is Jess Morrissette and I'm an > editor with verbosity magazine--an online pop culture > publication. We were wondering if you would be willing > to let us conduct an interview with you in the near > future. We look forward to hearing back from you!

Hello Citizen!

Holy IMG SRC, Batman!   Greetings from the Batcave. We got your E-mail on the Batcomputer. It's a major crime fighting machine powered, as you know, by the magnificient atomic pile in the cave. And we were the first crime fighters out there in deep cyberspace.

  Thanks for being loyal Batfans. Please check out our entire website for memorablilia and things you may want for yourself, friends and family. I have set this up so I can take care of the hundreds of requests that come in. I try to read it all and I personally autograph everything we send out. Holy penpals!! This is the only way I can keep up.

  It was great hearing from you. I feel that we belong to one big international club together. It's great to have you as a Batfan.

Adam "Batman" West

Jess sez: Nice auto-reply. I can think of a few clever comments on the "atomic pile," but I'll just let you come up with your own.


  Def Leppard all the way, man! *grin* But in the 80's, how can you forget such cartoon favorites as He-Man, Transformers, or Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors? Blasphemy!
Kevin Wojtaszek

Seth sez: I definitely agree. Def Leppard should have done the soundtrack for He-Man and Transformers. *grin*

Eighties Preservation, eh?

  Your fourth issue looks great! In fact, I love the whole concept of your online magazine. I have not yet had a chance to read the other issues, but I certainly will in the future. The coverage of the eighties in issue 4 was excellent, and the interviews were especially nice. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Brian P. Darrow
President, Early Eighties Preservation Society

P.S. Def Leppard.

Corey sez: You people voted for Def Leppard?!? You've got to be kidding!


  Great issue guys. I have to go with Def Leppard though. Poison just sucked. What is the deal with glamour rock, anyway? Can I be a verbosity groupie? Let me know and keep crankin' em out.

Josh Cole

Jess sez: Thanks, Josh! Mr. Cole is a buddy of the staff here at verbosity and was kind enough to do up a nice little article on the magazine for our campus newspaper. It's really a shame he likes Def Leppard, though...

The moment you've all been waiting for...

  As many of our faithful readers know, ever since our now-quite-dated second issue, we here at verbosity have been on a quest to get ourselves a monkey. From time to time, we've been asked why exactly we want a monkey. This question always puzzles us because we can't see why anyone wouldn't want a monkey. They're so gosh-darn cute!

  But, we realize our pursuit is in vain. So far, nobody has volunteered to give (or sell us cheaply) a monkey. We've tried everything from zoos to black-market monkey dealers to no avail. Even Santa snubbed us. Therefore, you're reading the last Bleepo Update. By the way, if anyone is interested in contributing a simian, we will still accept the offer. We aren't that stupid!

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