Welcome to Yackity-Smackity for the fine month of November. It's around here that we handle all of the feedback verbosity gets. We also try to keep you abreast of what's going on with and around the magazine. If you wanna drop us a line at verbosity@wiw.org, feel free. Now, we'll start off this column with an interesting letter that pertains to the interview with Ken Williams from our September issue.

Please read the retraction to this e-mail!

Say what?

Ken never talks about his employees and how he really treats them. His Sierra world is run by nothing but rookie people. He has a few well paid workers which he may call designers or project managers, but for the most part his people are very much so underpaid and he runs his company sort of like how Hitler ran his.

Everyone's job at Sierra On-Line is at will. Soon everyone at some given time at SOL will be SOL (sh*t outta luck)!

His claim of the largest company in the industry should really be answered with also having the largest employee UNION in this software industry.

Only then can we really respect his claim to fame!

Sam Devol
Director, Media Systems
Williams Entertainment

Seth sez: Whut?
Corey sez: Huh?
Jess sez: Uh...yeah.

Please read the retraction to this e-mail!

Those wacky haqrs...

I noticed the following text in the October issue:
"So, it's October 28th and you're on your way to the local grocery store to pick up some of that lovely candy corn to hand out to the neigborhood kids for Halloween."
I could be wrong, but wasn't that supposed to read:
"So, it's October 28th and you're on your way to the local grocery store to pick up LOTS AND LOTS of PRESENTS because, as everyone knows, the 28th is chris@wiw.org's birthday!!! Oh, and if you're *that* type, you could also get some of that lovely candy corn to hand out to the neigborhood kids for Halloween."
You never know, even the god-editor can make a mistake.
Chris Heschong
sysadmin, wiw.org

Jess sez: Thanks (and ten verbosity style points) go out to Chris for pointing out this slight mistake on our part. As many of you might have divined, Chris is the system administrator at wiw.org, the server that houses verbosity. We appreciate all his help in making our magazine available to the Internet public. So, everyone be sure to send him a belated birthday e-mail...


I have nothing against small children dressed as dalmatians and clowns who are just trying to get enough candy to totally screw up their little blood sugars for life, because their good yuppy parents do not allow them to have sugar, caffeine, or cholesterol. What I do not like is the fact that we live in a broken world, where those same yuppy parents have to examine every piece of candy corn (yech!) to be certain that some sick American has not injected super glue to cause the little kid's tonsils to become glued to his uvula--you know -- that funny thing that hangs down in the back of the throat for no fathomable reason.
Is there a Satan? You bet! Does he delight in the ugliness of the world? You bet. Anything that can be done to promote a peaceful, loving, caring, compassionate world needs to be done. That includes doing away with "deeds of darkness" and moving toward a love of light and the source of Light. Notice that Halloween celebrates the secretive pranks in the moonlight--I am trying to celebrate the life of someone who died to save me from the darkness--a candid love affair with mankind that was worth His death. I will never understand His love, His mercy, His forgiveness, His willingness to hold onto me through all of my missteps. But I gratefully grasp His hand. Just as David said--I've been in the pit, and it wasn't good.
I choose not to celebrate Halloween because of His love--when I choose to play with the darkness of the world, I am spitting on Him--shades of conceited baseball players. I can only hang on to the robe of Jesus and choose Him over worldly foolishness. Somewhere in the best-selling book I have read that to the world, the things of God are foolishness. Hey! I've been a fool before, but I'd rather be a fool for God now.

Seth sez: Now there's an excellent testimony for Christ.

Gratuitous Praise

Thanks for your job about Mr. Vai! Your pages are a pleasure for the eyes and for my mind.
Administrateur Web Ensim

Bleepo Update

Okay...since our second issue, we've been on a quest to find ourselves a gosh-darn monkey! So far, we still haven't had a single offer of donation (either monetary or monkeytary)! We're really getting fed up with you people! How the heck are we supposed to get ourselves Bleepo--the Verbose Monkey--if we have no support whatsoever? Call your local zoo (or jungle) and see what you can do. Heck, break in to the place if you have to. Just help us out...please.

In the meantime, we leave you with some lyrics that keep us going when we start to get depressed about Bleepo. They're from the classic Barenaked Ladies song If I Had $1,000,000:
If I had $1,000,000
(If I had $1,000,000)
I would buy you a monkey
(haven't you always wanted a monkey?)
If I had $1,000,000 I'd buy your love.

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