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Kevin Wojtaszek

my psychosis is real
the wrongness i feel
i don't believe in this
give it all away
dismiss my hate
dismiss my fate
pull it up
pull it out
in the darkness of me
the abyss is empty
i'm missing my life
amidst all this strife
dismiss my hate
dismiss my fate
pull it up
pull it out
and you know what i want
and you know what i have
and you see that i'm dying
and you see that i'm gone
hate dismissed
fate dismissed
pull it up
pull it out


Kara Johnson

My eyes of green show my dread,
Dark circles lie beneath them,
Everything on my face easily read

My soul is marred by pain,
The scars of 15 years,
Making me insane.

My heart, scalded with lust,
Stopped beating long ago,
Nourish it, I must.

hello world

Ray Heinrich

i have some things to say to the world
and this isn't one of them
but i like those shoes you're wearing
where did you get those?
you can tell me


Kara Johnson

A malevolent spider
Wove her deceitful web.
Pulled the silk over our eyes,
Intending to muffle our cries.

A cold-hearted spider
Came in for the kill.
Crept around in the night air,
Leaving us in fear...

A foolish spider
Tried to get away.
Gave in to her lust,
Had to deal with us.

No Meaning
Louis-Philippe Dextraze

A bird soars through thunder
Flying faster and faster
His life held some meaning
The meaning of nothing

A boy in his room thinking of you
Writing these words with a stick of glue
The words he writes are full of meaning
But to you that meaning is nothing

A man in his tower
with his pen and paper
Filling books with something
That something is nothing

A man in a crowd
Screaming aloud
Words filled with meaning
the meaning of nothing

In the desert a blooming flower
Surprisingly in the middle of summer
Some might see a meaning
But me, I see nothing


Louis-Philippe Dextraze

Cold are these hands
Have they ever felt the sand?
Have they ever even begun?
Have they ever played in the sun?

Sad are those eyes
Have they ever seen the sunrise?
Have they ever seen a dove?
Have they ever even felt love?

Dark are your thoughts
Why did you tie them in a knot?
Why not let them roam free?
Why not try and be happy?

one blank stone

Ray Heinrich

picking up a stone
walking on a road
i want to cry
and i'm seven
and scared
of my first day of school

in the morning
the smell of a new lunch box
as my mom
stuffs it with sandwiches

i'm her first
and we both
don't know
what to expect

celebrating glass

Ray Heinrich

at this moment
when you read this line
and this line
and this

i want to help you celebrate
your parts of glass

how much we try
for flexibility
when all
we really want to do
is break

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