Adam Curry has been a force in the entertainment business since the 80's and continues today to have his impact. Starting out working in Europe, Adam moved over to MTV in 1987 to host the Top 20 Countdown for the network. Since then, he has left the network and been involved in a number of projects, from acting work to various radio programs. During the course of his career, Adam has interviewed entertainers ranging from MC Hammer to Paul McCartney.

Adam has also become involved with the Internet in recents years through Metaverse--a site chock full of all the inside info anyone could want on the entertainment industry. We here at verbosity recently got a chance to speak with Adam. So, without further ado, here we go...

verbosity: Okay, you've been working in the music and entertainment field for years and, I'm sure, have met and mingled with some really exciting people. Who are some of the more memorable personalities you've come into contact with? Any interesting anecdotes or strange rumors to share?

Adam Curry: Hmmm, everyone I've met was always interesting for one reason or the other. My favourite anecdote is when I interviewed Michael Jackson--we met at his LA recording studios. He had a guy hovering around him who's only job was to "windex" his vinyl pants...lots of kids AND Howie Mandell running around...go figure. Anyway, Mike is about 6'1'' and I am 6'5". Mike didn't like this difference at all and actually made someone get him a box to stand on while next to me, which made him about 7 feet tall.
v: You've run into a few problems with your former employer, MTV, over the rights to the domain. What can you tell us about this situation? What kind of terms are you currently on with the suits at MTV?
AC: The problem never was with anyone I ever worked with. Official Response: "The lawsuit between Mr. Curry and MTV Networks has been settled, neither party has any further comment." I just saw that Bob Pittman is now at AOL, I wish him a lot of luck.
v: We here at verbosity are all children of the eighties. Being one of the "big names" of the period, how do you feel about some of the trends--social and musical--that grew out of the eighties? Are you more of a nineties kind of guy?
AC: Wow, I never thought of the 80's that way; personally I like the 70's. :-) I see no real difference in what music has tried to do in any era--it just gets different names, and the technology with which to make it improves. That's really want the different sounds are all about. House, Techno, Trance--it's all disco with hi-tech production, right?

Personally, I listen to classical at home and "surf" the dial while in the car. God does my wife hate it when I do that! :-)

v: You're one of many celebrities that have parlayed their successful careers onto the Internet in recent years. How "into" the Net are you? What really excites you about the future of the Internet?
AC: My company is now up to 125 people in 5 states. I'm "into" the Internet, alright...I wish I had time to maintain my own little site, or be in chat-rooms more often. Mostly I only have time to surf for an hour or so; it's either that or those good ol' all-nighters... y'know, when you can't stop...
v: As far as music today, what catches your ear? Any bands you're expecting big things from?
AC: Garbage, 311--lots of stuff like that. But usually I've got Miles Davis, Ella, or the occasional Michael Franks. Never, ever Kenny G.
v: What can we expect from Adam Curry in the next few months? The next few years?
AC: Heh...more wealth, power, and riches--not neccessarily in that order. :-) Seriously, I want to keep our company growing and see everyone in it prosper and enjoy the fruits of our collective labor.
v: What's a typical weekend like for Adam Curry? Partying? Hob-nobbing? Getting some well-deserved rest?
AC: Sleep, riding with my 6 year old daughter, hangin' with my wife, watching Cops on Saturday night...
v: If there was one thing you could let the world know about you, what would it be?
AC: Blonds really do have more fun...

Special thanks goes out to Adam for taking the time to talk with us. Be sure to check out Metaverse today for some of the latest in cybersleaze!

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