We here at the offices of verbosity in beautiful downtown Bristol aren't a particularly cowardly or superstitous lot; the garlic on our desks is purely for Ramen seasoning and Seth's dream-catcher is just for looks. However, we thought it might be fun to get a little glimpse into our future to see what awaits us. And what better way to do this than via the Internet?

We logged into IRC and joined up the #tarot channel in hopes of seeing what was in our virtual cards. We caught up with a nice gal by the name of Janissa who was nice enough to give us a Tarot reading. Here's what we managed to find out and our personal interpretations and divinations gleened from the predictions.

janissa: I've done a 3-card reading (more expedient than the Celtic method, but slightly less detailed).

This indicates that Janissa really didn't have the time or the inclination to talk with us. She probably thought the concept of doing a Tarot reading for a magazine was a little strange. Of course, we really can't blame her.
janissa: I've drawn the Eight of Pentacles; the Queen of Wands; and the Ten of Pentacles. A high percentage of Pentacles indicates something in the process of forming, or conditions taking form.
After careful consideration we interpreted this to be in dealing with the on-going quest to purchase Bleepo--the Verbose Monkey. Our plans to procure our simian sidekick are slowly bringing themselves to fruition. Soon we shall possess our own lower primate; so it has been written and so it shall be done!
janissa: Pentacles also relate to ideas and projects: risks, finances, assets--accomplishment.
The risks spoken of were clearly those such as our constant danger of running low on ideas (as evidenced in this very article--spooky). The finances are those such as the whopping twenty bucks a month we shell out for Internet access. As for assets, it must have been a mistake. Let it be known that verbosity has nary a penny to its name.
janissa: You have begun this project with high hopes and have acquired backing for it (perhaps a sponsor of some sort ) -- in any case this is part of your past and current experience.
So far we haven't managed to secure a sponsor (read: "sell out to The Man"). We figure this must be in reference to the nice blurb for the magazine placed on SierraWeb last month. Remember--buy Sierra products, boys and girls! They're the niftiest!
janissa: What these cards say to me is that you will find success within the next year with this magazine; however it will not be in huge amounts, but small increments -- many small steps.
Woo-hoo! We're heading for success. Within a year, we should be sitting around Issue #15. That's waaay longer than Chevy Chase's talk show lasted!
janissa: You may have surprising success from unexpected sources.
Maybe Bill Gates will reconsider that interview request. Or, better still, St. Jude might finish her interview someday.
janissa: There has been significant anxiety in beginning this venture.
That would have to be Corey complaining that everyone would think our name was verbose magazine instead of verbosity magazine (which has proven to have been a well-founded worry). Of course, the anxiety could be from Jess continually complaining about the deadlines twenty days before they roll around. Also, there's the stress of trying to figure out what episode of Space Ghost to watch every night.
janissa: Perhaps a significant financial outlay...and while you or your partners may in some ways regret that, it will pay off.
Hah! "A significant financial outlay?" We're lucky to be able to "outlay" enough funds to finance ourselves a cup of coffee.
janissa: This is a very positive spread for new ventures; that's pretty clear. :)
I believe the emoticon says is all, folks. Keep watching verbosity for more general coolness in the next few months. There's some good stuff on the way!

So, through a collection of over-generalized statements and taken-for-granted assumptions, we have managed to piece together a definite view of verbosity's future. It appears that we'll be successful in our many skewed endeavors, eventually make some money, and (most importantly) get our monkey! Special thanks goes out to Janissa for all her help. Be sure to check out #tarot today and get your very own reading!

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