Here at verbosity, we all feel guilty.

Very guilty.

You see, we're slackers. We didn't finish our third article. But it was going to be good.

Very good.

In retrospect, we wish we had worked a little harder.

Actually, though, it wasn't entirely our fault. September only had 30 days, not 31. Nature ripped us off.

The article was going to be about the history of Slack. We were going to talk about such visionaries as Mr. Kotter's Sweathogs back in the 70's and move it through to Fast Times' Jeff Spicoli. Then, we were going to take it on into the material 80's--you know, where classics like Ferris Bueller were born. Then, it would be time for Bill and Ted and Wayne and Garth--slacker duos which personified the early 90's. We would have closed it with a healthy dose of our on-the-edge wit and cover such contemporary slackers as Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob.

But...we didn't bother to do it.

Instead, we did this.

Pretty pathetic, eh? Maybe you should read some of the other great stuff in this issue--David Hunter's ghost story, the Richard Senate interview, or the slacker article we actually did bother to do.

           --The Power Slacker Trio: Seth, Jess & Corey

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