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I completely agree with a rating system. I think when you turn 18, you should be assigned a password that gives you access to all the sites containing offensive material. ;) Ok, I know that would never work, but I personally see nothing wrong with offensive web sites as long as they have an into page with a warning, so you know what you're getting into before you go. Anyway, that's me 2 cents.

Andy Couch

Let parents who are concerned block access for their children. Even better, teach their kids not to be prurient. Best yet, get our country's collective one-track mind off sex by having lots and lots of nude beaches -- make sex commonplace.
In the event that the above solutions don't work, send all the people who think censorship is good to China for a few weeks or back in a time rip to communist Russia.

Nemesise Eudaimonos

Eds' note: We were briefly considering pooling together our rather measly funds to buy a time rip for the purpose of sending people we don't like back to communist Russia. However, we have instead decided to save up so we can someday afford to purchase...Bleepo, the Verbose Monkey! Stayed tuned to these pages for updates on our quest for a simian mascot.


Very interesting magazine...when will your next issue come out?


Jess sez:

As of right now we're shooting to get the newest issue out there by the first of each month. So far, things have been going well with our deadlines. To totally change the subject, expect some big stuff from future issues. We've got a hum-dinger lined up for next month and Issue 4 is gonna knock your socks off.
We've also received some requests lately for a subscription service of some sort. We've toyed with the idea of setting up a mailing list for the magazine and a few other alternatives. Write us tell us what you think!

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