Welcome to what we like to call verbosity 2.
No, this webzine is no longer run by the same gang. We hijacked their 'zine, stole their sacred monkey, and plan to rid the world of all onions.

     Allow us a moment to introduce ourselves. We are the Citizens Against Onions. (also referred to as the C.A.O.) Our ultimate goal is to remove all onions from the face of the planet, but in the mean time, we were tired of waiting on the next issue of verbosity to roll around, so we took matters into our own hands. So this is what happens when people that hate onions try to run a webzine...

  • The Divine Interview
    verbosity talks to the Big Cheese.
    It's back and better than ever... Well, okay, at least it's back.
  • I, SysAdmin. By: Jane
    Are you as secure as you thought you were? Probably.
  • Yackity Smackity
    There's no question or comment too strange for our famed editors.
  • Flashback
    We take a look at an article from verbosity's sordid past. (Are we destined to be as popular as Chevy Chase?)
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Please Note: This hijacking took place on 9/29/97, and we feel it's important to have a standard release date. Since this is the 2nd genesis of verbosity, we have decided to release each new issue on the 2nd day of each month. So, as you can see, that didn't give us much time for this issue. Trust us, as long as the original gang doesn't catch on, Issue 2.2 will be better.

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