st. jude gets verbose

Jude Milhon, alias St. Jude, can be described as one of the online world's first true cybercelebrities. Jude was a member of a "lefto-revolutionist programming commune" in Berkeley, California, that managed to create the famous Community Memory project, the first public online computer system. While in with the crew at Mondo 2000, this outspoken "modem grrrl" and "cypherpunk" has authored and co-authored several books over the past few years, including such classics as The Cyberpunk Handbook: The Real Cyberpunk Fakebook. A self-described "future hacker," she is rarely without something to say on nearly any topic. verbosity's official punk guy, Corey Welton managed to keep Jude still long enough to get this interview with her.

verbosity: anarchist, libertarian, you mention variations of these "splinter factions" in yr co-authored lit, The Cyberpunk Handbook: the Real Cyberpunk Fakebook. Where do you stand politically on issues these days? Do you get involved in political organizations often, or at all?

verbosity: While we're on the subject of yr books--one which I'm sure you don't mind discussing--how did you get to know and work with R.U. Sirius and Bart Nagel? Or was this whole book a wash, and merely data transmitted online, so that you've never actually met these guys F2F? (Think we could manage to to pull an interview with them, too, heh?)

verbosity: You've been a subscriber to the WELL for a good while, now [a finger client returned to me a good 6+ year registration, heh]. Was it "unnerving", "exciting", or pretty much unknown when it was discovered that Kevin had broken into the system? Did WELL make this immediately know, or was it kinda suppressed? Then again, if answering this question would, ah, instigate you, don don't have to answer.

verbosity: Finally, in closing, the one question the world [or at least we have] has been dying to know... why in the world do you have an '' addy? Is this some sick joke? or do you just keep using those silly disks that the company sends out? Personally, I like them just fine as coasters, but...

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Corey Welton is an official haqr-gonnabe. In the meantime, he's busy recovering from the AOL question in this interview. Thanks to St. Jude for being so cooperative!