As if this weren't enough...

Here are some pages that verbosity has deemed as cool. Our top ten for this month:

Skeleteens Soda. Great drinking for yr late night computing needs.

AltaVista. Ok, who doesn't know about this, by now? Oh well, a link anyway.

Centre for the Easily Amused. This is the place to go for all varieties of weirdness., purveyors of online freedom and conspiracy.

Suck. The last word...? (We only wish we were so cool.)

underground online, Internet Underground's hoopy website. The only 'Net magazine to read.

The New Hacker's Dictionary, a must-read for all the wannabes.

CNN Digest. Skip the main page. This is the place to go for up-to-date news.

Ghost Planet, Space Ghost's fave hangout. At verbosity, we believe in this ghost!

c|net on-line, where the 'Net news roams.

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